Pindify is not just another evolutionary social network built around music. It’s a revolutionary marketplace for all providers of arts & media ...

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Investing shouldn’t be hard and it shouldn’t be scary. It should be fun and fruitful. SprinkleBit, which means “to spread information”, ...

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UCI has several ICOs in development for partner clients.
UCI will also be scheduling its own token sale and will be announced soon.
Pindify. ICO begins in October.

A Medical Technology Solution

This new technology uses lasers to assist a surgeon in performing a bone setting procedure and to align the bones to within 0.01mm.

A Solution For Burning Fossil Fuels

This new system utilizes a technology to improve the efficiency of large furnaces burning fossil fuels. The company is being supported by government agencies to deploy out the technology internationally.

A Solution For DDos Attacks

This new and timely technology prevents a ddos attack before it has a chance to take hold.

A Solution For Bank Card Fraud

This new system protects customer’s bank cards from being skimmed.

A Dynamic Crypto Currency Mining Operation

This new mining farm operation utilizes smart software to perform dynamic crypto currency mining.

A Gaming Platform

This online gambling system utilizes smart contracts.

A Waste Disposal Solution

This technology turns waste into energy and is already being deployed.

A Social Trading Platform

This platform is already used by thousands to trade securities allowing members to trade together and follow other successful traders.