We are here to get your ICO funded and moving


Finance is key to launching a successful ICO. Budgets need to be allocated and excellent monetary management is critical. UCI provides seed and ongoing development funds to take projects over the finish line.


Coin or token? What blockchain to use?. Developing an ICO can bring a few challenges, questions and options. UCI will help you get this sorted out and a clear road map created to move your project forward.


When developing an ICO, you need to get your message right. UCI helps you create the right, compelling message. Creating a perception in the minds of potential buyers of your coin is key to a successful ICO. UCI will help you build the right story, structure and framework so you are ready to launch.


After launching your ICO, it is important to keep people engaged, buying your coin and spreading the word. UCI will help you develop user engagement strategies that will boost your ICO to new levels.


When moving forward with your ICO, it is important to make sure you have the right setup and legal framework. UCI will help you with that, ensuring you a fully compliant and when required, filed with regulators.