About Pindify

The Creators’ Market for art, text, film and music. PUBLISH, DISTRIBUTE AND EARN ON ONE PLATFORM!

Musicians already have SO many services to communicate directly to their fans. There is no need for artists, nor demand from their consumers to simply connect on a new cool network that looks slick.

They need revenue streams.

At the same time there’s been complaints that streaming services;

  • Keeps the promotional influences firmly in-house.
  • Distributes subscribers payments unevenly between providers.
  • Does not provide direct interactivity or special relations.


(Netflix, Audible, A-cast, Spotify)
This industry model is designed to work with top level catalogs of traditional content. It’s difficult to publish and promote new content. It does not offer diversified categories and the payment distribution is not balanced.


(Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter)
This forum offers no clear thesis and usually sensationalism overpowers subject matter and quality. It’s hard to organize or search for content and it does not offer subscription as revenue stream to earn on existing fans.


The market where both providers and consumers are in charge. Providers can be social, promotional and professional about their brand and their content. Consumers are in charge of who get’s their subscription.

Pindify is not just another evolutionary social network built around music. It’s a revolutionary marketplace for all providers of arts & media.

Pindify solves the important needs for providers to satisfy their consumers’ wants.

Providers of arts & media needs to:

  • Earn directly from existing fans.
  • Earn directly from consumed content.
  • Share ownership of content.
  • Share ownership on portfolios.
  • Organize all types of media in one portfolio.
  • Publish under controlled settings and licensing.
  • Have the option to either earn or promote content.
  • Distribute and promote content on a fair market.

Consumers of arts & media wants to:

  • Get special access and unique deals with close relations.
  • Receive both social updates and professional content from one place.
  • Support all favorite providers with one payment subscription.
  • One place to stream, share and comment with others.
  • Provide context directly to professional content.
  • Get curatorial influence by mediating others professional content.
  • Enjoy all types of media from each provider’s portfolio.
  • Able to participate and communicate directly with providers.
Pindify’s Solution

Pindify creates a symbiosis for providers (members) of arts & media to coexist with consumers (subscribers) and free users (browsers ) as any commercial center. It’s free to join and post social or promoted content, but as a paying member you can earn subscription on your fans and your professional work. Subscription is $11/month (USA) and after VAT and operational cost, the market distribution is about $ 9 / month and subscriber. Members can join together to share, or separately earn, from both portfolio-revenue and content-revenue. Portfolio earns about $2/month for every invited subscriber and about $2.50/month for every follower divided by how many professional portfolios the subscriber follows. Content receives revenue on the percentage of time subscribers reads, views or listens to it. Pindify currently works on a joint blockchain technology to facilitate legal dynamic ownership contracts with other providers, PROs, Aggregators and Labels/Agencies. It’s easy for anyone to enter, interact and transact on the marketplace. The market has a global and local feed for providers to promote. It’s regulated by a democratic ranking system to enforce quality. It’s free to support and view free or promoted content, but subscribers paying a monthly subscription gets exclusive access to portfolios content and full access to the market.