UCI has created PEBEX.

PEBEX is the new mineable crypto currency coin at the core of the UCI portfolio growth & increasing value.

Private Equity Blockchain Exchangeable

  • PEBEX is a mineable crypto currency coin.
  • PEBEX is not a token.
  • PEBEX offers a more stable and sustainable intrinsic value growth.
  • PEBEX is an independent Block chain protocol.
  • PEBEX is a licensed, legal asset & medium of exchange.
  • PEBEX is a Peer to Peer payment method.
  • PEBEX offers adaptable transaction solutions as a legal cryptocurrency
  • PEBEX Blockchain & Wallet is developed using the latest Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA256)
  • PEBEX is protected. A percentage of all funds invested is allocated to protect PEBEX.
  • PEBEX has ‘buy’ support. A percentage of company profits is allocated as a buy support for listed exchanges.
  • PEBEX enables a new peer to peer payment & settlement currency.
  • PEBEX is a stored value, security coin that will be used in transactions by our global community. The liquidity of PEBEX ensures instant, secure, privacy payments & settlements.
  • The PEBEX APP allows members to transact together 24/7.
  • Private, borderless payments made easy, fast & safe.

Dividends paid to community members

UCI generates company profits from a range of exclusive services and investments.

UCI pays 50% of its net profit to PEBEX Holders as cash dividends.

If you are holding PEBEX, you will be paid cash dividends from UCI.

PEBEX functions like a virtual stock for community members. The amount of PEBEX you own determines the cash dividends you will be paid.

Participants owning PEBEX are paid cash dividends from the net profits generated from the UCI investment fund.

PEBEX Liquidity: PEBEX will be listed on major exchanges creating liquidity.

All good things come to those who are legal!

UCI will be operating under licenses issued by the Government of Georgia and the central bank of Georgia.

Operating under license allows UCI to operate as an investment fund within a legal & regulated framework.

We see crypto based projects having an incredible future. But going forward into this brave new world requires Government cooperation, coordination and legal compliance.

Georgia is a Blockchain / cryptocurrency friendly country. As a Georgian registered legal entity operating under government license, UCI is well placed to accept global investors seeking to align themselves and profit from the dynamic business model we have developed. With support from forward looking government officials, institutions and banks, UCI is set to become one of the leading investment companies in the crypto currency markets.