About NetZero

Net Zero Enterprises with over 200 projects successfully built on time on budget, will be the leading Global Cleantech Energy Corporation utilizing the block chain and open ledger smart contracts.

NetZero is primed to become a leading clean-tech asset developer maximising profitability by using its closed loop cluster model built on open ledger smart contracts.

NetZero has several high value projects in the pipeline and is ready to scale these up to achieve maximum asset potential within its eco-green portfolio.

NetZero Cluster model

Our cluster model groups the inputs and outputs of various synergistic and proven technologies within a closed-loop system, achieving sustainable, waste-efficient products. The main benefits from utilizing a cluster model include bridging revenue streams for profitability, mitigating risk, and creating additional environmental benefits.

Investing in smart, sustainable solutions and growth

The environmental issues that threaten the world today will have a significant impact on our future.

The decisions we make today influence the ultimate outcome.

That is the driving ethos behind our investment strategies that has led us to develop our cluster model of synergised clean tech solutions

Net Zero Enterprises has developed a proven strategy that not only maximizes utility of Cleantech solutions, it creates new streams of revenue, minimizes risk and generates profitable returns to their shareholders. NZE has created a Cluster Model that focuses on integrating multiple technologies within a closed-loop system. By bringing several sustainable technologies together in one physical location, the Net Zero Cluster Model aims to produce greater efficiencies with less risk. This is a more sustainable approach to proven modern technologies such as vertical farming, solar fields, waste to energy, and water treatment.

Net Zero’s Offering


Private Equity or Institutional Investors looking for:
  • Low risk profile investments
  • Reoccurring dividends
  • Impact investments
  • Multiples on Enterprise Value
  • Project multiple increase x3 to x7 from CAPEX/project
Governments, Municipalities, Cities and Corporations that need a reliable source of sustainable energy, fuel, food, water and/or solutions created by waste, water, food shortage, sustainable housing


Net Zero Enterprises develops projects/assets that:
  • Solves several of the global problems related to Waste, Water, Fuel, Energy, Food and Housing.
  • That utilize waste as a value, solving waste problems, converting waste into energy, water and other value streams.
  • Treating and creating potable water.
  • Low cost and reliable organic protein and greens source production through self sustained food.
  • Creating sustainable housing and regenerative cities.
  • Combine proven technologies and solutions to create multiple revenue streams for a very profitable total solution and investment from a cash flow and Enterprise Value increase perspective.


The World is facing severe challenges within:
  • Waste/Sewage Treatment
  • Water (Potable and Irrigation)
  • Food (Reliable and sustainable source to high quality organic protein and greens)
  • Sustainable Housing
  • Energy/Fuels (w/ Net Zero footprint)
Investments into sustainable projects has previously generated very low returns. With our model, these investments are now generating higher returns than traditional oil & gas and power plants. Investments are now also removed from risk, while generating both strong continuous cash flow and large enterprise values.


  • We combine several commercially proven technologies into systems that are based on circular economy with multiple revenue streams.
  • Every component from technology to partners are scrutinized to pass our own and our AA+ insurance carriers due diligence, so that all risks can be fully underwritten and risks are transferred to the carrier.
  • We secure contracts that ensures technology/manufacturers performance, guaranteed max price to deliver that performance on time. We further establish credit worthy off take agreements, feedstock agreements and guarantees for revenue and profitability before we even start a project.
  • Strong track record by delivering this structure in over 100 previous projects.
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